Yosemite Winter - El Capitan

I cannot get enough of Yosemite National Park, an amazing destination all times of the year. This was taken while visiting Yosemite during November 2015, two days after a recent snowfall.

Djemaa El-Fna Nightly Restlessness

Finally, made it to the Djemaa El-Fna in Marrakech, Morocco. I've wanted to capture the amazing activity in this historic square for quite some time. We avoided the very popular Le grand balcon du café glacier, which requires purchase of a drink to use the balcony and opted for a restaurant on the Southeast end of the square instead. We were lucky enough to get a table right on the balcony railing, so I set up my tripod, ate my tagine and enjoyed some lovely Moroccan tea while admiring the endless activity below. The square was full of smoke from stalls grilling meat, people selling arguably the best orange juice in the world, snake charmers incessant beating on their drums, locals and tourists socializing and shopping. Quite a sensory overload....

Trek Through Erg Chebbi

During a trip around Morocco this summer, we spent a night in Erg Chebbi, the famous sand dunes on the western end of the Sahara. This was taken the next morning on our camel trek back out of the dunes. It doesn't do it justice how impressive and beautiful the area is. Go someday if you can.

Sunrise at the Maroon Bells

Visiting the Glenwood Springs/Aspen area this past Fall, I spent two sunrises shooting the iconic Maroon Bells in Aspen. This was the second morning, where the clouds were cooperative and the sunrise beautiful. The wind was picking up at this time, so I put my 10-stop ND filter on to average out the reflection in the lake and blur the clouds.

Key Largo Sunset

While attending a wedding in Key Largo, Florida, I had a chance to enjoy an amazing Florida sunset. The couple jumped in the water just for the sunset, which I thought really helped balance the photo.

White Sands Sky On Fire

While visiting White Sands National Monument in June 2011, we had a rare chance to experience a wonderful sunset embraced by smoke contaminated clouds originating from the surrounding New Mexican fire ridden areas. Although it made for a wonderfully unique sky, one cannot forget the impact that the fires had to many families in the area.

Exploring White Sands Together

"Exploring White Sands Together" - White Sands National Monument, New Mexico White Sands National Monument is a beautiful, tranquil destination. This picture was shot early June 2011 after witnessing an amazingly vibrant sunset, filtered by the surreal smoke filled sky. I loved how the footprints captured the human element of this remote place. Prints may be ordered at: www.myFedoraPhoto.com

Kudu In The Bush

"Kudu In The Bush" - Kruger National Park, South Africa Similar to America's Elk, the Kudu are big, commanding animals with an intimidating presence from their pseudo-medieval antlers. We came across this magnificent animal at dusk on our way to our camp in Kruger National Park. A great ending to the day. Prints may be ordered at: www.myFedoraPhoto.com

Zebras In Love

"Zebras In Love" - Kruger National Park, South Africa Whether an animal or a human, love is important and shown in simple ways, such as a loving touch. Just loved the affection with a backdrop of the red bush. Prints may be ordered at: www.myFedoraPhoto.com

Napili Sunset

This was one of the many amazing sunsets from Maui, Hawaii off the western coast near Napili. I love the contrast of the rough volcanic rocks to the soft ocean and clouds as the sun set over Molokai.

Fire Over Napili

Almost a home away from home, Maui is a beautiful island with gorgeous views of the surrounding islands and Pacific Ocean. After a week there, this was by far the best sunset as amazing sunsets aren't as common as one would think. So, I sat back and enjoyed it!

Sunset Lion

"Sunset Lion" - Kruger National Park, South Africa The colors of sunset over the lion, the king of the jungle, strengthening their omnipotent presence. Came across this one at dusk on our way to our camp in Kruger National Park. This commanding male was laying not too far off the road while all of us humans looked on. Another amazing day in Kruger. Prints may be ordered at: www.myFedoraPhoto.com

Ohi'a Morning Due

"Ohi'a Morning Due" - Volcanoes National Park, Hawai'i, Hawai'i While hiking by myself in the early morning at Volcanoes National Park, I came across several of these Ohi'a lehua bushes. Ohi'a are found on new lava and tend to be the most dominate tree in Hawaiian forests. The due hanging on each pedal was really awesome and gave it a frozen in time look. This flower added some simple, but magnificent color amongst this barren, black landscape. Prints, cards and other items may be ordered at: www.myFedoraPhoto.com

Vervet Monkey Gaze

Vervet monkeys....amazing personalities. They are a true joy to watch whether they are climbing over your car or playing with each other. The inquisitiveness of the Vervet monkeys I feel is depicted here as it's gazing through my lens.

What Are You Looking At?

While driving through Kruger National Park in South Africa, a parade of elephants crossed the road that we were on while foraging for food. This provided us a very memorable opportunity of watching these amazing creatures up close in their natural habitat.

On The Alert

A self guided safari is an amazing way to see animals in their natural habitat. Impalas are beautiful animals, graceful and prevalent throughout South Africa. They are an important food source for predators and easily startled as captured in this picture when we drove slowly by.

Seattle at Sunset

A beautiful sunset from Doctor Jose Rizal Park overlooking Seattle, Washington.

Eleven Mile Milky Way

This picture was taken while camping during the annual Perseids Meteor Shower at Eleven Mile State Park near Lake George, Colorado in 2013. It was my first attempt trying to capture the Milky Way. After a tumultuous evening, the sky opened up around 1am to reveal a magnificent sight. I was able to at least capture one meteor and the green airglow from the oxygen atoms. A really amazing evening. A special thanks goes to Dr. Roger N. Clark, www.clarkvision.com, for his guidance on this image. It was important that the colors were accurate and that I was able to bring out as much as I could, especially the airglow and interstellar gas and dust. His website is a huge resource for these images, so check it out.

Horse Carriage on 16th

During an evening shoot around downtown Denver, we spent some time on Denver's 16th Street Mall. It's a wonderful street full of restaurants, bars and shops that only permits horse carriages, cycle rickshaws and 16th Street Mall buses. It's worth a visit if you are in Denver, Colorado.

Forest Boardwalk

Hiking to Waimoku Falls on Southeast Maui is an amazing short hike that takes you through rain forests, an amazing banyan tree, and massive bamboos until you reach the magnificent Waimoku Falls at the end. This scene was so inviting and surreal when we stumbled upon it, so I just had to capture it.

Shih Tzu Winter Portrait

My Shih Tzu just loves the snow and being outside. This past winter on an overcast day, I just sat on my porch and watched her enjoy the fresh snow while I took pictures of her. I really love this one of her and just felt that it was a great pet portrait that captured her personality.

Lunar Eclipse - April 14/15 2014 @ 448mm

Trying to shoot the Lunar Eclipse (aka Blood Moon) for the first time, it was a cold, windy night in Colorado. Although my fingers froze (I have a problem with that), I did manage to get a few shots in acceptable focus anyway. Wouldn't have traded a thing, a really amazing sight that used to awe our ancestors. The bottom right is the bright double star Spica. Used the Kenko 1.4x teleconverter with my Canon 70-200 F4.

Lunar Eclipse - April 14/15 2014 @ 136mm

Trying to shoot the Lunar Eclipse (aka Blood Moon) for the first time, it was a cold, windy night in Colorado. Although my fingers froze (I have a problem with that), I did manage to get a few shots in acceptable focus anyway. Since Mars was so close, I really wanted to capture the Moon with Mars in the same frame capturing the contrast of the two this cold evening/morning. The bottom right of the Moon is the bright double star Spica.

Lone Tree

This was taken on the northern part of the Garden of the Gods park down in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I was walking looking for the local mountain goats and just gravitated towards this lone tree. I felt the solitude of it was best portrayed as a black and white.

Sunrise at the Garden of the Gods

Went with the local Mile High Wildlife Photography Club (MHWPC) to shoot the sunrise at the Garden of the Gods park down in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Although the sun was kept at bay by the clouds out east, the site with Pike's Peak in the background never gets old.

Sunset over Machu Picchu

After 4 days hiking along the Inca Trail, we passed through the Sun Gate and finally reached our amazing destination. Spending the afternoon among the ruins, we finished the day soaking in the last rays of sunshine over the majestic ruins of Machu Picchu. The perfect ending to a memorable journey.

Cheetah Mother and Cub

A truly remarkable opportunity to witness the protective love that a mother has for her cub. Cheetah's are beautiful animals and their cubs are no exception. Located a 100+ yards off a side road in Kruger National Park, we came across this remarkable duo as dusk started to settle in.

Sunrise over Canyon de Chelly

My brother and I did a road trip from Phoenix to Denver with our Grandfather. Along the way, we spent a night outside of Canyon de Chelly where we took advantage of a morning sunrise to shoot some photos. Was a cold morning, but worth it.